Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random - Fabric Shopping

While I was home (NYC)  for my sister's Baby Shower, my other sister (Alex) and I met up in the city for an afternoon of baby fabric shopping. 

For those of you who love fabric will understand when I say that I my pulse quicken when I stepped inside the store... ...rows and rows of fabric.  Since we were shopping Retail and I didn't have room in my suitcase, so I did a lot of looking while Alex did all the buying.   

The madness continued when I took my Birthday off and hit the textile area in Miami with three of my girlfriends.  My girlfriend posted the photo on the left of the girls and me trying to pull a roll of fabric from the racks. I believe the quote she used was, "At some crazy fabric warehouse in Miami ... The girls are acting like 8 year-olds on their first trip to toys r us!"

Well, this 8 year-old, left with 47 yards of fabric.  I purchased two types of linen and sage type of green and a royal blue, one great plaid with olive and gray,  a summer fabric that I foresee becoming beach totes and a blue canvas that has messenger bag written all over it.

We also stopped by a Zipper Manufacturer, where they still make zippers on site...who knew, of course I had to pick up just a few...

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Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! I get just as giddy when hitting up yarn stores. And when you get to go to one you've never been before? Watch out!!!