Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Dirty Feet
I wish...

As I am slowly recovering from what I thought was just a cold and then bloomed into the flu, it will be a busy Sunday.  Today I will try to complete one pleated handbag, two messenger bags and one iPad case.  Ha, Ha, Ha...what are the odds it will all be done today. 

While it may not be a lazy Sunday for me, it is apparently a lazy day for the puppy that never leaves my side. 

I think she's getting a little chunky.  Hmmm....what is it they say, if your dog is overweight, you are not getting enough exercise?

1 comment:

MegaMi May said...

My friend had the exact same dog!!! I never saw another one like her, and this one is exactly the same... :O
Round and cute. :)