Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me!

I noticed something these past few weeks while I have been trying to get my orders out.  I have been fighting with my Husqvarna and I didn't realize how much it has been struggling to sew through multiple layers of canvas.  She is only a year and half and I have been concerned that I was going to break it, so I decided to accelerate a purchase I was planning for later this year or next.

I have been looking at him for the past year and a half, and then on 12/24 I had the day off and went to my local Sew&Vac store to ask some general questions and look around at machine accessories.  I walked in and there he was, I don't know when they received him because last time I was there, they had other types of machines.  Of course I got to try him out, it scared me , he's very powerful...but the temptation was too much.

And today, DH brought him home, here it is, my Juki 1541s....

Not only can this bad boy sew through multiple layers, but also leather, therefore look for some changes in my designs in 2011... 

 I was able to squeeze it into my studio, but it is tight in there now.
Of course I have no industrial thread to play with, so now I wait for my thread order.  Perhaps I will clean my studio and do some reorganizing.     

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