Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Fabric Madness

More fabric Madness you ask?

My friend has a contact with a great fabric wholesaler down in Miami.  She and another friend of ours (who I will call V) went down there this week to purchase some fabric.  Since I wasn’t able to partake in the fabric adventure, V took pity on me and armed with my fabric swatches, did the shopping for me.  Not only did she pick up some replacement fabric for me, she also found a few new fabrics for me to try out.  Where would we be without our i-Phones. So, 26 yards of fabric later, here we are.   

Cotton twill, in burgundy, denim blue, olive and army greens and a brown maroon, as well as some suede in Grey and two lovely plaids….I dream of messenger bags.

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