Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been hanging out in the Etsy Forums lately and read a post on packaging presentation. Normally, when I mail out a sold item, I typically place the jewelry in a tiny plastic zip-lock, wrap it in bubble wrap, place invoice and the item in a padded envelope and ship it. Several sellers wrote about how they wrap their items in tissue and ribbons, others thought it was extra work for nothing, etc. This got me thinking about the last two items I had order, (fabric) and both companies mailed my fabric tied with ribbons into a cute fabric bundle. One even included free fabric swatches...

So I decided to try it out and mailed out my last two items (pair of earrings & a handbag) wrapped in tissue and bright ribbon and wrote a "Thank-you" on the invoice.

What do you think, is this extra step worth it?


Petit Rien said...

Yes, I think packaging makes a big difference. In my opinion it lets me see the other person really puts their heart into their craft.

Lori said...

Your blog looks great, first off. I followed you from the Etsy forums. :)

I have gotten compliments for sending out packages wrapped nicely - not too fancy or expensive. I also send a little thank you note.

Just my .02!

Jill said...

I think your tissue paper and ribbon is great and worth the extra effort...and shouldn't be costing you too much either. I think that if I start actually making money on Etsy, then think about doing a little more than that.