Saturday, September 12, 2009

Living in a L.L. Bean Catalog

Supposedly, early to mid September is the pinnacle of Hurricane Season which is marked on our calendars starting June 1 - November 30. In my 19 years here in South Florida, my Hurricane history consists of the Andrew who arrived in August; Katrina (who luckily was only a 1 when she passed by) was in August as well; and Wilma (that b****) was in late October. And while it's been quiet so far, the weather during this time of year is steaming, humid and wet, while in the NE (my origins) the weather is starting to cool.

Last week I went to watch the rookies at the Panther's Rookie Training Camp. Because it would be at the new ice rink training facility I dressed warmly, even wore a light jacket with a lining, yet I was still freezing. However, dressing in layers and the fact that Hockey is just a few short days away, it started me thinking about the crispness of the air, the smell of the leaves, the fall foliage and how I miss the Fall season. Please note, I am thrilled when the rest of the country is buried in Snow during January and I am enjoying 70 degree weather in Florida, but....apparently I must be going through my love/hate cycle of hating S FL, hating my house and my gypsy blood is screaming it's time to move on.

The other day the L.L. Bean Catalog arrived, somehow I got on their mailing list 10 years ago when I purchased a weekend bag from them. Their most recently catalog has a warm pullover fleece with leaves adorning the cover. It makes me want to buy it, but I think about all the pullovers I have in my closet that never get worn, because it's just too warm down here. Some of the models are posing on porches covered in leaves and pumpkins and country craft type things and it makes me want to go out and buy a house in VT.

So all morning long, I have been looking at real estate listings in VT around the Burlington area. This one is my favorite...Wonderful country property in a peaceful setting with babbling brook and fantastic views of Mt. Mansfield. Great open floor plan. Living room with new woodstove, formal dining room, master suite with balcony enjoying fantastic views of the mt. Peace & tranquility surround you. Sauna hut, perennial gardens and deck add to the outdoor space.

Just look at their view from the back of the house... To see more click here

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Cherie said...

Gee, I want to live there, too! What a beautiful view! I live in CT. We've contemplated moving away from New England, but I think I would miss it too much.