Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Look What I Found

So this morning I was reading through The Storque section in Etsy regarding shop makeovers and browsing the forums for some business tips when someone's question caught my eye. She had asked if there was a way to quickly copy a similiar item in their shop when creating a new listing . Another shop owner mentioned an individual who built some very cool tools for his wife's Etsy Shop.

If you currently have a presence on Etsy, you should check him out...


Below are some of his popular hacks:
  • copy listing - create a new listing based on an existing one.
  • item zoom - adds a zoom icon to images in search and shop listings.
  • edit this item - edit or delete a listing from the View Listing page.
  • buyer info - add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page.
  • forum wrangler - add extra features to the Etsy forum pages.
Now if he could only write a script to let you edit an expired listing before relisting...

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