Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bag O' Buttons

I was rummaging through the an old Rubber Maid container that holds some of the sewing supplies that I had packed away a long time ago. I found this green tin can of Katharine Beecher - Butter Mints. (The tin has a copyright date of 1981, which dashed my thoughts that I was holding a tin from the 30s or 40s). Inside I found some old Hooks Eyes & Loops some leftover buttons from projects that I am guessing I had worked on during the 80s and a Ziploc bag of old buttons.

Back in the 80s when I was dating Husband #1, his grandmother had died and he kept everything that the rest of the family did not want, (all of the ugly furniture, kitchen items and sewing tools). Of all the furniture pieces that overcrowded our apartment, there was only one piece that I loved and that was her old Singer Sewing Machine and Cabinet. When we moved to Florida back in 1990, I departed first due to school which left Husband #1 and my Dad to pack up the U-Haul. When they ran out of room, my ass of a husband decided to leave sewing machine and cabinet there on the sidewalk of NYC. I digress...When Husband #1 and I parted our separate ways, he took all the ugly furniture, but left all of his grandmother's kitchen and sewing items. Fast forward to today, as I started examining the buttons, I noticed the pieces of old thread still attached to some... When his grandmother died, I believe she was in her 80s or 90s so I know she was a young adult during the Depression, so perhaps that is why some of these button appear to have been salvaged from old garments. I thought these were cool and wanted to share. I think the crystal and brass button (center of photo) may find their way onto something soon...

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