Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Google Yourself!

I received one of my favorite newsletters "Cindy Edelstein's Tip of the Week" today. This week's topic - "Go Google Yourself!" was an interesting article on being aware of who is talking about you online and about one of Google's services, Google Alert. I thought about the last time I had googled myself whic had netted a few entries. So for kicks and giggles, I typed in hmmills into the Google search and to my surprise my few entries turned into three pages of links. Aside from the usual entries from my Etsy site and my "Bling It!" blog, I found myself listed on several blogs. One blog, Lost Mitten , "A crafting blog by a geeky girl" was a compliation of favorite Etsy Shops. I am number 28 of a list of 74! A few of my posts were listed on several websites including bloggurl, my bloglog; even my domain registration was listed.

I also discovered that a necklace from my Words of Wisdom Collection, Anzuru Yori Umu Ga Yasashi Charm Necklace is listed on someone's personal Wish List on

So go and google yourself, you may be surprise by what you discover.

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