Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A proverb (from the Latin proverbium), also called a byword or nayword, is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are often metaphorical. A proverb that describes a basic rule of conduct may also be known as a maxim. If a proverb is distinguished by particularly good phrasing, it may be known as an aphorism.

Proverbs are often borrowed from similar languages and cultures, and sometimes come down to the present through more than one language. (thanks Wikipedia...)

So last year I made a necklace with brass tags stamped with a Japanese Proverb, "Sara mo ki kara ochirua," even monkeys fall from trees...anyone can make a mistake. I sold a few at a couple of shows and most recently two on Etsy. I have decided to expand upon this and have added a section to my Etsy site called "Words of Wisdom." (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5628867&section_id=5496899) I will post a few pics tomorrow.

"Even Monkeys Fall From Trees" can be found in my Etsy page: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12730861.

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